Finally: Get Your Computer Working Again under Five Hours!

יהודה סגל Yehuda Segal
ו' טבת ה'תשע"ח 24/12/17
Contact through Mehadrinews' number below and get a laptop with prices starting at 1390 NIS This is their number: 072-372-8476

You won't find anything like it…

Your computer is stalled, and you don't have the energy to lug it to another city? Hate getting awful customer service, high prices, and hearing that repairs are not insured?

Well, we have good news for you: Itzik Computers.

Best of all, instead of paying between 100 and 250 NIS for just a checkup, we found a place which does the inspection for free. Why pay more?!

A computer technician is sort of like a doctor. I'll amplify it and add: "Psychologist". The job is terribly personal. He goes into your computer's memory, knows where you have browsing, and sees your consumer habits.

Bottom line, if there's someone who can spring for me, fix my computer-phobia issues, sell me good-quality computer, or gear, such as a printer, I'm all ears.

The best part is, I want help after buying the computer. This is where I found a computer technician who's a bit different from the type who only tries to sell to me all the time.

The name of the game is the computer lab.

Itzik Computers retains a computer lab with hi-tech software development certifications. The lab provides virus scrubbing, legal software installations, version updates and backups. We fix desktop computers, as well.

Let me be clear: You arrive with the computer, get a free checkup (!), agree on a price, and return to collect your computer, no later than 5 hours after you left it… Bam!

  • Contact them via Mehadrinews' number below and get a new laptop with prices starting at 1390 NIS
  • Need a cellular modem for your kosher SIM card? Buy one here, starting at 119 NIS
  • For further details and discounts, simply call and tell them Mehadrinews sent you…

This is their number: 072-372-8476

This article first appeared in Hebrew.

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal


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