Fined For Tefillin Booth (Courtesy of the New Israel Fund)

Yehuda Segal
י"ט אלול ה'תשע"ז 10/09/17
"Disturbing passerby by requesting they lay Tefillin…"


Courtesy of the New Israel Fund, a Chabad Chassid in another city was fined for holding a Tefillin booth. The Chassid is heard pointing out the booth is located on the private property of an Arnonah-paying local business but to no avail.

From the police ticket:

TRAFFIC WARDEN: The aforementioned was requested several times to empty the table with the Tefillin, but refused to leave. He was also disturbing passerby requesting they lay Tefillin. We demanded he show his ID, but he refused. We were forced to summon the police to obtain his personal information.

The fine itself? "730 Shekels, to be paid in ninety days"!

I'm no lawyer, but there are plenty of precedents permitting Tefillin booths. The whole thing is police ignorance of their laws and\or anti-religious fervor.

Here's the video clip:

The ticket:

This article first appeared in Hebrew.

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal


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