Mishkafayim: Municipality Won't Learn from Mistakes

Yehuda Segal
י"ב תשרי ה'תשע"ח 02/10/17
Today (Monday) the first complaint was served against the municipality by the residents of Mishkafayim. Making a mistake the first time is understandable, but the second time around is silly.

Today (Monday) the first complaint was served against the municipality by the residents of Mishkafayim.

The residents broke silence, not due to unfinished roads and delayed development but near and present danger to the life of their children.

The playground built near the first project to be settled, is dangerous to children using the equipment (see pictures).

Mehadrinews learned the first complaint was served today in the hopes of speedy and effective treatment.

The residents are outraged at what they regard as the neglect and apathy of building a neighborhood without one garden or working playground for children.

A resident of the neighborhood today told Mehadrinews:

I made Aliyah two years ago, and this is my first home in Eretz Yisrael. I never imagined I would arrive at a place where I would need to worry about the safety of my children in the playground.

It should be added, most of the neighborhood's residents are new immigrants (Olim), mostly from the States. To the regular difficulties of adjustment are now added concern for their basic quality of life, and the lives and health of their families.


The Mishkafayim neighborhood got its first residents over two months ago, being the first neighborhood to be settled after Ramah Gimmel. The settlement of Gimmel was accompanied with many difficulties, many of which continue to the present day. We hoped someone upstairs would take note, correct mistakes, and make an effort to settle the newer neighborhood with an eye to decent conditions. Instead, "What Was, Is". The city grows and grows without planning for the residents' quality of life.

The implicit contract between the municipality and the residents appears straightforward. The Charedi public will continue voting for the same candidates who build them homes with nary a thought for their quality of life. Is this a good deal? Depends on who you ask...

This article first appeared in Hebrew.

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal



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