Rabbi Steinman Zatzal's Funeral – Baruch Dayan Ha'emes

יהודה סגל Yehuda Segal
כ"ד כסלו ה'תשע"ח 12/12/17
Public transportation on the way back:

Rabbi Steinman requested he be buried within six hours of his passing to prevent Bittul Torah. To do this, he will have to be buried no later than 14:00.

Public transportation on the way back:

Superbus will operate 497, 597 on Road Geha facing Coca Cola, near the bridge northward. The route will head to Morasha junction, Kassem, Road 6, and Road 1 to Beit Shemesh.

This article first appeared in Hebrew.

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal



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