'The Story of Chanuka' From the City of David

Yehuda Segal
כ"ה כסלו ה'תשע"ח 13/12/17
Tickets: 1:20 NIS, 2: 30 NIS, Family: 50 NIS

Entertaining Lecture from the City of David using visuals and trivia to tell the story of the Hasmonean Kingdom with Yaakov ben Avraham.

Where: Bet Knesset Eitz HaChaim, 8 Hadekel St.

When: Tonight, 13.12.2017

Hour: 8:15 – 10:15

Who: Ages 10 and above

Tickets: 1:20  NIS, 2: 30  NIS, Family: 50 NIS

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal



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