Warning: Dangerous Man Living in Ramah Alef

Yehuda Segal
ג' טבת ה'תשע"ח 21/12/17
His picture can be found on the JCW site, here.
For illustration purposes only
For illustration purposes only

A certain person served as Rosh Yeshiva (dean) for hundreds of students in Yeshiva "Me'orot Natan" in Chashmona'im for disadvantaged youth. Earlier, he was employed as an elementary school teacher at "Nechamat Tziyon" of Chassidut "Shuvu Banim".

A year ago, he was arrested for disgusting behavior with two of his students. When he admitted to the allegations, he was sent to prison for a year and was made to compensate his victims in the amount of 40,000 NIS.

Now, residents claim, he lives on Nachal Tze'elim St. in the Ramah.

Note: It is vital he not be handed the kinds of situations that caused him to sin in the past.

His name is Moshe Avraham Steinharter.

His picture can be found on the JCW site, here.

This article first appeared in Hebrew.

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal