What Caused Abutbul To Finally Give Up His Seat on the City Council

Zev Kaplan
כ"ב טבת ה'תשע"ט 30/12/18
Many confused as to the true reason after the popular website “BeChadrei” removed an article describing the series of events leading to his resignation- MehadriNews tries to put together the pieces-who sued who? who went with Abutbul to the Gedolim?......

The series of events started on 9 Teves when the Aguda councilmen filed a suit in Beis Din Hayashar VehaTov against Moshe Abutbul.

The introduction to the suit says “after attempting to resolve the dispute through peaceful means and failing we are forced to sue to return the gezeila” that was stolen.

“The present situation whereby the thief is openly holding onto that which is not his and even using the “stolen” seat to cause damage to the rightful owner represents a moral low that has never been reached by the individual and the party he represents an even embarrasses the great rabbis of the party.”

The body of the suit details the events that led up to the situation whereby the favor that was granted to Abutbul to lead the “Gimmel “ party was reciprocated to harm after he lost the election and it demands monetary compensation for each day that he delayed carrying out his agreement to resign for the amount of NIS 1300 per day starting from for each day Aguda lost out on the paid position of deputy mayor (effective December 3 the day of the positions were given out)

A few days after the suit was filed Moshe and Moshe((Abutbul and Montag)consulted with Daas Torah and were advised to finally end this strange and sad saga and Abutbul was ordered to resign his seaoon the city council(Bchadrei Charedim)

In one final twist, the relevant article on Bchadrei’s website was taken down several several hours after it was published on Friday(20 Teves). One can only speculate who was behind its removal


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