Where Did the Transportation and Licensing Ministry Disappear To?

Yehuda Segal
כ"א אלול ה'תשע"ז 12/09/17
The place is closed for ten days in a row now. This isn't normal.

The place is closed for ten days in a row now. This isn't normal.

We announced several days ago on Mehadrinews the intention to improve the city's "Licensing Ministry". Instead, for ten days the offices of the transportation and licensing ministry are simply closed! Inquiring minds wish to know: What are the residents supposed to do now?

Following are pitiful pictures of supermarket goods already placed against the closed doors:

One clerk has sick leave, so everything has to be closed?!

We contacted deputy mayor Shmuel Greenberg for his response:

Horrible. I asked the municipality's CEO to replace the absent clerk immediately, after having already asked the Licensing Ministry to deal with the issue. I spoke with the mayor, as well. Sadly, the Iriyah has not yet done so; a crime against the city's residents. Beyond that, I have nothing to say. What apathy!

There's a video clip:

P.S. In light of a misunderstanding, the original article was altered. For details, see our treatment here.

This article first appeared in Hebrew.

With Heaven's help, Yehuda Segal



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